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Atlanta Equine Photographer | Jackie and Tommy

Tommy is back! Like I’ve said, Tommy is a popular boy. Jackie rode Tommy back when she was high school. Currently, she is stationed to Arizona so she wanted to get some pictures with Tommy before she moved earlier this month. We decided to tie in a little bit of a theme of going on a journey and the Air Force for a few shots as way to merge her passions and past and present. This is the very reason why I started taking equine portraits. I love being able to create a tangible memory for people like Jackie. It not only reminds them of their horse but also the experiences and memories they made together! Ok, I’ll stop with my sentimental mission and show you the pictures.:)

Atlanta Equestrian Photography

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Nancy Z.March 26, 2014 - 11:13 pm

I always loved Tommy but never worked with him. I loved watching Elizabeth riding him also.

Atlanta Equestrian Photography | Lilah & Tommy

This is the second time I had the pleasure of photographing Lilah and Tommy. They are such a great pair, and it is so fun to watch them interact together! It was also great to hang out with Lilah and her mom. I will never turn down an afternoon with great people and pretty ponies!




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Jessica @ The Georgia HorseMarch 5, 2014 - 11:06 pm

These are great! You do such a nice job capturing both horse and rider!

Georgia Equestrian Photography

In case you didn’t know, it snowed last week. It took me 9 hours to get home Tuesday instead of the usual 40 minutes, but I honestly consider myself lucky. I made it home that night, didn’t have to abandon my car, and only cried once.;)Despite the crummy weather, I was able to take pictures of the horses in the snow. It was definitely worth a 9 hour commute!


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Equine Business Spotlight – The Georgia Horse

Don’t you love when you randomly get connected with people? Jessica and I “met” through Google Plus, and I instantly fell in love with her blog!

Tell us a little about The Georgia Horse.

The Georgia Horse started in 2012 as an outlet for support in the equine areas of behavior and nutrition; two key areas that rescue and neglected horses typically struggle in. I offer consultations to help these horses get on the path to success. Sometimes all the horse needs is one consult from me, such as a nutritional overview. We might go over a diet plan, considering what their riding goals are, what the personality of the horse is, their living arrangements, etc. I then let the handler know what types of feeds to provide, what ingredients are important for that particular horse, go over supplements, etc. Other horses need a succession of consults, such as a behavioral assessment combined with training sessions for the horse and handler. Most of these types of scenarios last anywhere from 3-10 sessions long. Other examples of more in-depth scenarios involve severely underweight horses or horses with medical conditions that need regular check-ins. I work with all types of horses including horses who have not been abused or neglected.

What inspired you to start The Georgia Horse?

I started The Georgia Horse after searching and finding my latest rescue horse Scuba. I grew up riding and retraining off-the-track thoroughbreds (“OTTB’s”) and rescue horses. It has always been a passion of mine and I wanted to continue helping horses in need after graduating from veterinary school. Enter Scuba. After starting The Georgia Horse as mostly a blog site of my daily trials and tribulations of life with Scuba, I felt the need in the local Atlanta community to offer behavioral and nutritional consultations, focusing on helping the rescue and neglected horse whom often have trouble in these two areas. There are so many horses with so much to offer if given that second chance!

Scuba was a big part of starting The Georgia Horse, and is a big part of its success. Without the blog about Scuba helping to spread the word, the The Georgia Horse would have been very difficult to keep going at first. He is our mascot, and he loves the attention!

 What made you decide to take your love of horses in this direction?

Growing up I helped around 20-30 horses find new homes after some “tuning-up”. I knew that I wanted to incorporate helping these horses in need after graduation from veterinary school. I also knew I needed to somehow incorporate equine behavior and nutrition into my daily work as these were my two favorite areas of study during veterinary school. The Georgia Horse allows me to do all of these things. I am truly blessed!

Where can we find out more about The Georgia Horse?

You can find The Georgia Horse online at :

You can also like us on Facebook:

and on Twitter: @TheGeorgiaHorse

and finally on Pinterest, at:


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Hello 2014

Sometimes you just have to get out and shoot. The last month or two have left me feeling a little bluh in the creativity department. So when the new year came around, and I had a nice set of PowerSheets to fill out, I decided to not let the little rut take over me. I made a goal to get out and shoot more. It’s something I rarely do because between all the things I have to do, I’m ready to just be lazy on the couch, but that never got anyone anywhere. For my first day of just getting out and shooting I figured why not do something a little different with my editing? I very rarely do black and white, so why not today? I’m really loving these photos. They may not be perfect, but it felt great to get out and just do it for fun!

Equestrian Photography
Equestrian Photography
Equestrian Photography
Equestrian Photography
Equestrian Photography
Equestrian Photography


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